Java Programming Boot Camp, 12 weeks

Learn Java! Become a coding professional in 12 weeks.

Java Boot Camp, 12-weeks, £2100

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More about the Java Boot Camp

⬤ This Java Programming Boot Camp is excellent for delegates on a beginners level to gain the in-depth knowledge and practical skills in developing computer programs and apps.
⬤ This Java BootCamp runs in our Live Virtual Classroom, is fully interactive, instructor-led.
⬤ Attend one full-day lesson per week and complete practical exercises during the week on your own, with a 1-1 mentor.
⬤ You can study part-time and work professionally at the same time.


⬤ No coding experience is required.

Who Should Attend?

⬤ This course is excellent for new coders who would like in-depth skills of programming as well as practical experience.

Weekly Topics

Week 1:

Week 1: JAVA Basics

Week 2 and 3: JAVA OOP

Week 2: Methods, Parameters, Return values, Overload. Encapsulation. Classes, Objects, Constructors.

Week 3:

Week 3: Abstraction. Inheritance. Polymorphism. Access control : private, public and protected; JAVA Nested, Inner, Anonymous Classes, Nested and inner classes, A stack class. Lambda Expressions, Enum Types.

Week 4:

Week 4: JAVA API, JAVA Date classes, NIO.2, Localization, String, Math, Random

Week 5:

Week 5: JAVA Data Structures, Arrays, Collections

Week 6:

Week 6: Files, Csv and Txt Files, Byte streams, Json Files, JAVA Exceptions.

Week 7:

Week 7: JAVA Streams and Lambda

Week 8 :

Week 8: Database Principles and SQL

Week 9:


Week 10:

Week 10: JAVA Concurrency and Multithreading.

Week 11:

Week 11: JAVA Test-Driven Development with JUnit.

Week 12:

Week 12: JAVA Front-end with JavaFX

What is included in this Java Boot Camp?


12 x full day lessons instrcutor-led lesson per week, plus exercises, project and mentoring.


Course Notes, Exercises, Worked examples, Coding samples, Videos of most topics


1-1 Mentoring between sessions


Practical Project to Show Case


Java Programmer II Qualification


Max group size on the Java Boot Camp is 4.

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More About Us

Who is the trainer?

⬤ Sarah is Head Of Training
⬤ Industry experience 22+ years
Award winning trainer
⬤ Select trainers, are assigned per Boot Camp

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